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Better With Bacon: Maple Bacon Cupcake

4 Sep

I can’t think of a better time to run our latest installment of Better With Bacon than International Bacon Day. That’s right – bacon has its own day. And why shouldn’t it? I mean, bacon is equally delicious for breakfast, lunch and dinner, in snacks… even in desserts. Today we’re going to look at the maple bacon mancake from Toronto’s For the Love of Cake, a baked good that could pass for either breakfast or dessert.

For the Love of Cake opened in early 2010 offering custom cakes, in addition to a selection of what they call 4 Dimensional Cupcakes. These cupcakes feature cake in a variety of flavours, fillings including creams and fruit, toppings including frosting and whipped cream, and a complementary garnish (cookies, chocolate pieces, etc.) But it’s the bakery’s mancakes – cupcakes including ingredients such as beer, whiskey, kirsch and bacon – that have garnered the most attention. And of course, it was the bacon that caught my attention.

I’d visited For the Love of Cake a few times hoping to try their maple bacon cupcake, only to discover the flavour unavailable on my visit days. Since I’m never one to turn down the chance to eat baked goods, I settled for trying other flavours on those occasions. And while a couple of the cupcakes I tasted were good – the japanese ginger, for one, was delicious – I didn’t taste any that were amazing enough for me to cross town to get my fix.

Fortunately, Jenny managed to grab me one of the elusive maple bacon cupcakes recently, and it was definitely worth the wait. For the Love of Cake’s maple bacon cupcake features a batter flavoured with maple syrup and including bacon pieces, filled with blueberry preserves, and topped with maple frosting and bacon pieces. The taste is similar to eating pancakes with maple syrup, with a side of bacon – as I said, a flavour combination that would work as dessert, or with your morning coffee.

If I had one complaint about the maple bacon cupcake, it would be the same one I have of all of For the Love of Cake’s cupcakes – they’re too small. For the Love of Cake’s cupcakes are dense and flavourful, but they look more like cupcakes you might cook at home than the large-sized ones you find at most bakeries. Still, that’s a small complaint when they manage to pack so much bacon goodness into such a little package.

Better With Bacon: Bacon Lollipops

21 Jul

Maple Bacon Lollipops

What better occasion for the second installment of Communal Table’s Better With Bacon feature than National Junk Food Day, which just happens to be today. Not that bacon could ever be considered “junk food,” of course (not here, at least!). But bacon in candy form, which we’re focusing on today, fits comfortably into the junk food category.

When I discovered Das Foods’ Manbait Maple Bacon Lollipops a while back, I was intrigued. Das Foods is a Chicago-based company started in 2006 by Katie Das to sell a selection of gourmet salts. Since then, the Das line has been expanded to include gourmet caramels topped with their fleur de sel, as well as a selection of gourmet lollipops: Salty Caramel, Ginger Lemon, Orange Pomegranate, and Maple Bacon.

I’m definitely a fan of sweet-salty combinations involving bacon, including bacon with chocolate, bacon with caramel and – as you’ll read in an upcoming Better With Bacon post – bacon with baked goods. What I’m not a fan of is artificial bacon flavouring. So imagine my joy when I ripped the wrapper off my first Maple Bacon Lollipop and saw real pieces of bacon suspended in the maple-flavoured candy. They’re tiny flecks, but they’re there.

maple bacon lollipop

But while appearances are important, the taste is what counts. And man, are these lollipops bacon-y! Das Foods lollipops are all-natural, which in this case means real bacon pieces, and real maple syrup. And it shows in the taste, which is equal parts smoky and sweet, similar to dipping a slice of really good bacon into a pool of pure maple syrup.

The downside of these being so good is that my sample stash is now gone and I’m hooked, which means I’m going to have to track some more Maple Bacon Lollipops, stat. Fortunately, Das Foods’ lollipops are distributed in Canada through Gourmet Depot. Or for those who aren’t near a retailer, products can be ordered directly from the Das Foods website (though the company tells me Canadian customers will have to provide their address by email or phone).

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