Funky ‘Food’: Buck 65 at The Drake Hotel

9 Sep

Last month my good friend Kelly brought me along to a show at The Drake that she promised would be a good time. I have to admit, I had no idea who Buck 65 was and had never heard his music. But after seeing him perform that night for the release of his album 20 Odd Years Vol. 3 – Albuquerque I became an instant fan.

Buck 65 (aka: Rich Terfry) is an awesome performer. The show wasn’t just about the music, it really showcased him as an artist and entertainer. His casual vibe and hilarious anecdotes and stunts made for a really fun night whether you were a hip-hop fan or not.

Promoting the show on his website he promised “I’ll tell you a story and sing you a song and we can get our picture taken together. I’ve got a nice outfit all picked out and will probably bring a special friend or two along.” He wasn’t kidding. Throughout the show he told stories, used props and had a few tricks up his sleeve, like shooting a mock commercial for Centauro, a bar of soap that he found at Honest Ed’s that plays perfectly into his notoriously “dirty” song ‘The Centaur’.

I was thoroughly amused and kept thinking ‘why don’t more people know about this guy in the mainstream music scene?’ Well, I quickly realized that Buck 65 is anything but mainstream and his music spans from straight up hip-hop to incorporating blues-ey, rock, country and folk influences. A couple of his songs included Valery Gore’s beautiful vocals, which I really loved and want to hear more of.

Lucky for me he’s performing again next Monday night, Sept 13th back at The Drake Hotel. In honor of the occasion and my newfound fandom, I thought I’d give you a little taste of one of the songs that totally stole my heart at the last show. ‘Food’ is one of Buck 65’s older songs and the lyrics are hilarious and so well-written. The subject matter seemed pretty fitting for our little ‘ol blog.

If you’re up for a fun night of great music, unique entertainment and awesome company (including yours truly and my music-lovin’ husband) come hang out next Monday night at The Drake. Showtime is 7pm. You need to get yourself on the list by sending an email to

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